Dr. Ronny Keung, DC
Dr. Ronny Keung, DC

Chiropractic Lead | Beltline

Dr. Keung grew up in Toronto, Ontario and completed his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Western University in London, Ontario. During his time there Dr. Keung was involved as a trainer for the University Tack & Field team and a variety of other varsity teams, which allowed him to work along side a wide array of coaches and fueled his passion for treating athletes. His interest in movement and healthcare led Dr. Keung to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic though Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, where he treated and trained patients from all walks of life.

Dr. Keung grew up with fitness and movement being an important aspect of his life. As a high performance athlete in softball and volleyball, he experienced firsthand the impacts of injury in sport. Through his own journey to recovery, he discovered his passion to help others through their pain with strength training and movement. In recent years he has grown a strong passion for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. However, when he is not training at the gym, you can find him out hiking in the mountains.

Dr. Keung now calls Calgary his new home, where he pursues various activities to gain a better understanding of his patient’s movements to ensure individualized treatments. Dr. Keung ‘s focus is to educate and empower his patients through movement and help them understand their pain.

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