what to expect

What to expect

Take some time before your appointment to look at our process and see exactly what to expect before, during, and after your treatment.

Step 1


Step One: Preparation

After you book an appointment, make sure to fill out the intake form.

What to Wear:
The initial consult is a comprehensive analysis of the way you move. Wear something that you can move, and have full range of motion, in. Stretchy pants or shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt or tank top.

What to Expect: All initial evaluations are 45 minutes long and will involve some level of joint correction, soft tissue work and exercise prescription (homework). Expect that there will be periods of discomfort during treatment but this is productive pain and will subside and you will feel better.

Step 2

The appointment

Step Two: During Appointment

What to Expect From Your Practitioner:

(1) They will evaluate your unique movement patterns that have been ingrained in your body by repetitive stresses. Identifying these may help determine what is driving your dysfunction or pain.

(2) They will assess the mobility of your joints and your level of muscular control.

(3) They will deter mine and execute a plan to correct dysfunctional movements and sustain the results through preventative care so your body can perform at its best. Every treatment consists of joint correction, soft tissue treatment and take home exercises.

Step 3

Be the change

Step Three: Be the Change

The Plan: The number of treatments you will need depends on your condition. Generally 3-5 for minor issues, 5-10 for major issues, and 10-15+ for complex issues. Ideally, we want to educate and arm you with enough tools (exercises) that you can maintain the results achieved through treatment.

After treatment soreness is to be expected. Like a hard workout, you might feel varying levels of discomfort and soreness; this is completely normal and will lessen with every treatment.

Be the Change:
Although much will be accomplished in the treatment sessions, it is very important to continue with the home exercises prescribed. This is how we cultivate the optimal level of recovery and change.

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dy·nam·ic (dīˈnamik) - a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process
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