Melnard De Leon, MScPT
Melnard De Leon, MScPT

Melnard's passion for health and fitness started when he was introduced to strength training in high school. Born and raised in Edmonton, Melnard went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Honours Physiology and then his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta.

During his time at University, Melnard became heavily involved in the sport of powerlifting. He first started off as a competitor, then became part of the University of Alberta Powerlifting Association executive team where he eventually served as president and hosted several meets. Melnard then transitioned his focus into coaching, where he has worked with new lifters all the way to nationally competitive powerlifters. Throughout physiotherapy school, he has helped his clients overcome various training related pains and injuries as his knowledge about rehabilitation improved.

Having now completed his physiotherapy schooling, Melnard is focused on using his combined experience as a lifter, coach, and clinician to help individuals overcome pain or injury so that they can return to the activities that they enjoy doing.

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