Ethan Christensen, MT (2200HRS)
Ethan Christensen, MT (2200HRS)
Massage Therapist

Ethan is a Registered Massage Therapist with a diploma in Massage Therapy from Makami College. Born and raised in the sunny Okanagan Valley on a small honey bee farm, he grew up with an appreciation for an active lifestyle through his natural surroundings and his participation in competitive sports. Ethan played hockey throughout his years of school until he eventually made the change to Ultimate Frisbee, where he now plays for the Alberta men's team.

Throughout his years as an athlete, Ethan became acutely aware of the importance that physical health plays in competition. This interest in improving his own performance, and preventing game hindering injuries, lead him to pursue a career in massage. In his practice he aims to empower his patients with education to prevent injuries and perform at their best— no matter the activity. Outside of work, you can find Ethan throwing a frisbee around or discussing bee conservation.

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