Chayce Mindra, MScPT
Chayce Mindra, MScPT

Born in Ontario, Chayce now calls Calgary home. He completed his Bachelor of Health and Physical Education and Mount Royal University before going on to complete his Master’s in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta which has always been his goal.

Athletics and movement have always been a part of his life, participating in a wide variety of activities from basketball, football, volleyball and track as a young athlete, and hockey, weightlifting, jiu-jitsu, and the occasional CrossFit workout as an adult. Injuries and frustration with rehabilitation as a young athlete led him down the path to becoming a physiotherapist. He has a keen interest in helping individuals build the strength, mobility, and control no matter their chosen activity.

Chayce strives to try new activities in order to gain a deeper understanding of different movements in order to help guide treatments and improve performance for his patients. He is eager to help patients understand their bodies and improve movement and looks forward to becoming part of your treatment team.

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