Andre Skinner, MT (2200HRS)
Andre Skinner, MT (2200HRS)
Massage Therapist

Andre Skinner was born and raised in Calgary and grew up with a passion for combat sports and football. He excelled in football, playing on several All Canadian teams at the youth level including the Westshore Rebels and Calgary Colts.  After experiencing a difficult series of injuries that required extensive rehab, Andre developed a desire to help others work through injuries and decided to become a Personal Trainer.  Inspired by the training and commitment of his clients he also remained dedicated to his own S&C development, including competing in powerlifting and winning a gold medal in 2019 at the 100% Raw World Championships.  

Fueled by his continuing desire to learn about rehab and help others achieve their goals, Andre decided to enroll in the Orthopedic Massage Program at the Canadian Institution of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Andre is excited about the ways massage can help support his clients’ goals and contribute to injury prevention, strength, and mobility.

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