Erin Zelinski
Erin Zelinski
Registered Provisional Psychologist

Provisionally Registered Psychologist (p2902) in Sports Psychology and Child and Family Therapy

Erin is from Saskatchewan where she spent her youth as a speed swimmer, but her love of mountain sports drew her to Alberta for her postsecondary training. This training includes a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience (2016), a Master’s of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience (2011), a Master’s of Counselling (expected 2020), and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2007). During her education, Erin studied how our brains process information to construct our experiences and how these processes can go awry. She has published 16 peer reviewed articles in scientific journals and presented her research at dozens of international conferences. Erin is committed to evidence-based practices and the recognition that perception and physiology are interconnected. She achieves this by blending various strengths-based therapeutic approaches with her training in Neurobiology.

As an athlete who experienced burnout, but eventually rediscovered her love of sport, she gets how hard it can be to work consistently toward a goal and overcome obstacles that may stand in our way. We can become disconnected from our inherent capacity to achieve our goals - especially if they are long-term. An outside perspective can be a powerful tool for reconnecting with inner strengths we forgot we had and to help us set check-in points that keep us on track for achieving our goals. As part of your team, Erin’s mandate is to provide a safe space for processing the ups-and-downs we all experience in sport and in life so you can thrive

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